Fantasy Consoles / VM

    Fantasy Consoles / VM


      Nanogems is a curated selection of the best tiny intros from the demoscene.

      It is designed to give a quick overview of what kind of tiny intros are out there in different size categories and platforms.

      Intros are sorted by date and alphabet which in no way reflect any ranking. The productions in this list are curated and suggested by the members of the Sizecoding Discord.

      Do you have a gem that is missing? Let us know and we might include it.


      Sizecoding is the art of creating very tiny (usually graphical demonstration) programs for a wide range of Platforms/CPUs. In other scenes this artform is sometimes also known as #generative #codeart #proceduralart #generativeart #codegolfing #codegolf #tweetcart #dwitter and #tweetjam

      By "very tiny programs", we mean programs that are anywhere from 8 and 16 bytes upwards to 1024 bytes (or 1k). Anything below 256 bytes is sometimes also called tiny intros, the most popular size category is 256 bytes.

      There are also competitions for bigger intros like 512 bytes , 1k and 4k, 16k and some cases even 64k in size, typically created by members of the demoscene as a show of programming skill.

      The size of these tiny programs is measured by their total size in opcode bytes, and are usually presented as executable binary.

      For more information check out .